The Blob Vaporizes

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Nov 242015

The sea surface temperature and temperature anomaly animation from the Climate Prediction Center shows 3 interesting features. First, the current strong El Niño conditions in the Equatorial Pacific are clear. Second, the North Atlantic cold conditions between the UK and Canada are persisting. Last, the blob off the West Coast is slowly disappearing. Interesting animation. […]

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Is the GFS model struggling with El Nino and the Blob?

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Nov 222015

I keep looking at the longer range forecasts, the GFS computer model and the Climate Prediction Center outlooks. It seems like the 6-10 day outlooks have a huge amount of variability. Last weeks snow was never clearly in any of them. One day the 6-10 would be dry. The next day it would be wet. […]

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Record Snow!

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Nov 052015

Yesterday the Flagstaff Airport reported 9.9 inches of snow which is a record for November 4. The old record was 5 inches in 1925. Also, the amount of water precipitation was a record at 0.71 inches.I think it is interesting that 10 inches of snow in early November is a record. I think it is […]

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Wet, cold…wintry

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Nov 032015

Today will start wet in Northern Arizona. Around night fall, maybe a  bit later, the rain should change to snow and start our El Nino winter. Almost an inch of water could fall from the skies in various forms. As it is often the case for these early winter storms, timing of the switch to […]

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Is Flagstaff wetter than Munich?

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Oct 302015

My current frame of reference is Munich. It’s been mostly foggy with cool clear nights cause the still relatively warm moist ground to product fog. But, rainfall and first snow have been on my mind. 3.68 inches of rain have fallen in Flagstaff in October. This is more than double the normal amount. Below is […]

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Comparisons of Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures and Flagstaff Precipitation

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Oct 242015

I continue to be interested in the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation(AMO) impact of Flagstaff precipitation. It surprises me that there could be a link between the sea surface water temperatures in the North Atlantic and the rain and snow amounts on the other side of North America, in a desert. I past posts, I have discussed […]

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Missing the October event

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Oct 202015

Yesterday I occasionally watched the weather radar as events emerged across Arizona. I could tell Flagstaff was going to get an early morning wake-up call from Mother Nature. And Mother Nature did not disappoint. I did miss being in Arizona to see it first hand. October storms like this are often some of the most […]

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If you liked last week, you’re going to like the rest of the month.

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Oct 102015

It’s been a while since my last post. This is all thanks to Apple. I bought a new laptop because using my big MAC in Germany isn’t practical anymore. We just don’t have the room for it. After a week of using the new laptop, the arrow keys broke. The first chance I had, I […]

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Sep 252015

In the last two months, the Climate Prediction Center has not been very accurate with their 1-month precipitation outlooks. July and August precipitation amounts were close to average. September’s precipitation amount is running well below average. On the other hand, they we right about April, May and June. The long-range outlooks continue to show a […]

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Where does the winter of 1992-1993 fit?

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Sep 192015

The start of next week may be very wet! Also, the 1 and 3-month outlooks are wet. Just so you know. But, after posting a link on Facebook to Scientific American article (How This Year’s El Niño Compares with the Past), I got a challenging question from MN about the winter of 1992-1993. In deed, […]

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