I guess I missed this one…but maybe not

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Feb 232015

I kept thinking this storm, and the one in the forecast for later in the week, would be have a similar story to the other ones this year. Their either wouldn’t materialize, or pass us by to the north. Even yesterday as things were getting started, a bypass to the north seemed reasonable. I thought we would have consistent weather patterns, at least until March. As Emerson said:

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

So, it seems I missed this snow event.  It’s 33 degrees outside now. The dew point has bobbed around 32. The sun will come up soon and temperatures should drift slowly but surely above freezing. The National Weather Service is calling for up to 11 inches of snow in Flagstaff. There could very well be 11 inches by tomorrow morning. But, the ground is fairly warm, and the air temperatures are two. This will be a very wet, heavy snow.

I’m doubtful that we will see 11 inches in most places.

The other end of the week has a storm for us too. The storm door may finally open for us.

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Wet, but probably warm, end to February

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Feb 102015

It looks like another round of wet weather may head to Arizona for the last two weeks of the month. Funny thing, the GFS and NoGaps models had a pair of sizable storms hitting. As soon as the Climate Prediction Center published the image below, the models started to weaken the strength of the storms. We will see.

It doesn’t look like our warm temperatures will subside and quicker than it will stop snowing in New England.

8-14 day precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, GFS Model. 9 February 2015

8-14 day precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, GFS Model. 9 February 2015


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The Personal Weather Station, (Part 2 of Why Did I Start This Blog)

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Feb 082015

(UPDATE at bottom)

Ever wondered how much rain fell at your house during monsoon season? In Arizona its a regular concern. Do I need to water, or turn-off the sprinkler system? Monsoonal thunderstorms can flood a narrow tract of land, and completely leave everything else untouched. I would come home from work and my grass would be wet. Still, I would have no clue if I got a trace or an inch of rain.

Ever wondered why there is frost on everyone’s car, but not yours, or vice versa? Because of our aggressive terrain, over night temperatures can vary considerably. Bellemont is routinely very much colder because of its location. I live in Switzer Canyon. It often has a slightly different set of weather conditions compared to the Flagstaff Airport. Some days, I swear they keep the airport weather station in a locker, or shed, or oven or refrigerator.

A friend of mine, LG from Cal Poly, introduced me to Wunderground.com. On Wunderground, I learned about Personal Weather Stations (PWS). Quickly, I was hooked! Many of you may not understand, but these PWSs are cool, gadgets. Not only can you see your very local weather, but you can share it via the Internet and places like Wundergound with others. Very cool! Very connected!

I don’t want to get into all the choices you can make on a PWS. But, there are some key features depending on how you want to use it. I relied on my friends at Ambient Weather for details to select my system. I had two key drivers in the end. First, it had to be capable of operating at 7000 feet, the approximate altitude of my house. Second, it had to be reasonably priced.

I selected a Oregon Scientific system. It was quite easy to set up and easily pair with software from Ambient Weather. It was a great starter system. Over the years, I have had to often replace pieces of the system, but in general it has provided good service. Oregon Scientific systems continue to be very compatible with various software.

I have also had experience with Davis, Acurite and Ambient Weather brands at this point. I doubt I will ever buy and Oregon Scientific station again. Their stuff is made in China and I believe  their quality has declined. It’s just too expensive to keep one online. Davis is very advanced and pricey, but damn good. Acurite is becoming the gold standard for entry-level, backyard systems. Ed at Ambient Weather brings his personal passion to bear and brings innovative designs on a regular basis. I used Ambient Weather equipment to trouble shoot my engine problems on my boat last summer. Simply great!

This last week, my Oregon Scientific bit the final bullet and is permanently gone from my roof. What to do now? More on that later.

It looks like we have a very wet pattern over the horizon. Winter might show up for late February and March.

UPDATE: Below is the 10-day total precipitation forecast from the GFS Model. I think Flagstaff is in the 2+ inch zone.

10-day total precipitation forecast from the GFS computer model.

10-day total precipitation forecast from the GFS computer model.


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Why did I start this blog? (Part 1)

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Jan 212015

More and more, people ask me this question. The answer has several parts. While one event stands out, there are other contributing factors. Many of the reasons for starting this blog are personal. Let’s go back to the spring of 1999.

Saturday, March 27, 1999 was a beautiful day. Sunny, light winds and warm temperatures led me to work outside all day. The week before had been just as beautiful. The forecast was for it to continue. It was so nice and warm, my family planned to go to Lake Powell the following weekend, very early in the season.

On Wednesday evening of that week, we purchased a used Ford Bronco. The forecast was still for continued beautiful weather. As we signed the documents, it started to snow. There had been no snow in the forecast. Yet, there is was. Thursday brought 8-12 inches of snow for many locations. It snowed several more inches on Friday. Again, it snowed on Saturday. We got another 8 or so inches on Sunday. As the skies cleared, the temperatures dropped to the single digits in many local areas. This had been a severe and completely unexpected winter storm.

This storm perplexed me. How, in our modern age, was it possible for the experts to have missed such a whopper storm? We had supercomputers running forecast models to project the future weather. Supercomputers! These were the same computers that calculated high-resolution models of nuclear explosions. How could they miss?

I thought I would start to record my thoughts in a blog. I started writing my thoughts down on an AOL blog. That blog and those ramblings are long gone. That effort was more of a notepad. I shared blog with just a couple of people who knew I was watching and thinking about the weather. I’m not sure exactly when I started that blog. Over the years, I enjoyed hearing from people who were reading the AOL based-blog because someone else shared it with them.

End of part 1.


Next week looks particularly disturbed. The forecasts are pointing to a storm later in the week. But, the computer models point to an early week storm. Standby, it could be a big one. Today we have light snow and rain for the morning.

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Looks like everyone gets a slice of being off

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Dec 312014

If you look back to my post from yesterday, it did not include waking up to over an inch of snow. So, the storm got a bit of an earlier start. The middle of the day will probably bring us heavy snow. It’s too early to tell how long it will last.

The earlier start should make it easier to hit the deeper snowfall forecasts. The storm formed over the San Diego and Los Angeles area yesterday night. I think this allowed it to draw moisture up from the south sooner than I expected, and sooner than many of the computer model runs allowed. Even yesterday afternoon, the computer models showed the storm forming more to the east, with less precipitation for Flagstaff

The National Weather Service has increased their snowfall forecast(below) in their Winter Storm Warning to 9-15 inches. Wunderground has increased their forecast to 8-12 inches. AccuWeather is forecasting about 9-10 inches. We are in for a big storm. This morning’s radar shows a large band of moisture moving our way.


         DILKON  4 TO 6  INCHES      DONEY PARK  8 TO 12 INCHES
         SEDONA  4 TO 6  INCHES        SELIGMAN  8 TO 12 INCHES
        WINSLOW  1 TO 3  INCHES
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Snow and Other News of Moisture

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Dec 242014

Over the last week or so, the GFS models have had a snow drifting in and out of the forecast for tomorrow. Currently, snow is back in the forecast for tomorrow, along with cooler temperatures. But, the storm is coming down from the north. This is not a typical storm pattern, and is very different from the storm track that kept us wet at the start of December. We shouldn’t receive much Christmas snow, but temperatures are going to plummet from our balmy 50+ degree highs today.

I think the current storm track makes the 30-day and 3-month outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center seem odd. The current track is fairly dry. It’s not drawing on the moisture that the warm equatorial Pacific waters should provide. Still, the outlooks have above average moisture for the next 3 months.

We should not expect a significant El Nino for this winter, too. The shift in the winds at the equator is not yet sustained. There is still warm water down off the coast of Peru, but it needs the winds to shift to sustain it.

One and 3-month precipitation outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center.

One and 3-month precipitation outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center.

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Wet December continues today

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Dec 162014

More water is on its way. We are about an inch and a half above average precipitation for December. Most of this has fallen as rain. This next round of precipitation is causing a conundrum. The models keep drifting. The weather forecasts have often changed. I think I saw one forecast last night that claimed 4-8 inches for Wednesday. Now, the forecasts are in the 1-3 inches here, 1-2 inches there range.

The computer models still have a fair amount of precipitation in them. We’ll have to wait and see on this one. We could get surprised.

It looks like the next storm is about a week behind this one.

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California drought to end, We get a wet pattern

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Dec 122014

The storm door is opening up. California should get battered with tons of tropical moisture being drawn up from the south. We will get a healthy supply of leftovers. Then, in the middle of next week, another storm should roll our way. In the map below, up to an inch of water could fall in parts of Arizona. Many places will have snow. Also, be aware of rain falling and freezing on roadways.

84-hour North American Mesoscale precipitation forecast from the Climate Prediction Center. (December 12, 2014)

84-hour North American Mesoscale precipitation forecast from the Climate Prediction Center. (December 12, 2014) The Trilateral Commission meetings are now Wednesdays evenings at Flag Brewery.

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Fog, again

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Dec 092014

Last week, we received plenty of rain. The ground is still wet. We call this particular fog radiation fog. It’s not because it’s radioactive.

Under clear skies at night, heat radiates from the surface of the earth to deep space in the infrared spectrum. This allows everything near ground level to cool. With the ground being wet, and very little wind, the dew point temperatures remain high. When the cooling occurs at night, some of the water in the air condenses producing fog.

Below is a weather story article from the National Weather Service.

Friday through Sunday will be wet again. It’s not clear to me whether we will get more rain than snow.

Weather Story from the National Weather Service in Flagstaff (December 8, 2014)

Weather Story from the National Weather Service in Flagstaff (December 8, 2014)


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Warm and wet

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Dec 062014

California is looking forward to leaving their current drought behind. We should have another storm move through at the end of next week. But almost all of North America is looking forward to above average temperatures for the next week or two. Below is the 6-10 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.  This trend could make the early ski season a bit slushy.

6-10 Temperature outlook from the CLimate Prediction Center (December 5, 2014)

6-10 Temperature outlook from the CLimate Prediction Center (December 5, 2014)

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