Jul 272015

i spent most of last week in Scotland. It was wonderfully cool and wet. It was a very nice break from the recent heavy heat in Munich. One day in Munich, it was hotter than Anthem, AZ.  Now, back in Munich, it is more temperate and rainy.

The spigot is about to be turned back on for Flagstaff and most of Arizona. July probably won’t break any records, but we will still have a strong Monsoon.

In other news, I should have a Munich weather station on line this weekend. And, I’ll update the El Niño outlook. 

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From the “You might have heard it here first” list. And Dolores.

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Jul 162015

The Verde Independent has an interesting story about the long term drought in the Southwest. Back in June, I wrote a post about a very similar set of thoughts; Is the drought over? I there is a chance that Northern Arizona could be emerging. But California is just beginning.

One of the tricky parts of keeping this summer wet is the continuous creation and flow of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific. This coming weekend most of Arizona has a good chance to receive considerable rainfall from Hurricane Dolores and her remnants. There has been very active tropical storm development in the Eastern Pacific this summer. As these storms move, they effect the weather thousands of miles away. This can cause dry and wet periods for us. The question is whether the abundant moisture or storm paths will dominate. 

Currently, Flagstaff is 0.88 inches above normal precipitation for July.

Interesting sidebar: München, Germany may be hotter than Anthem, Arizona tomorrow. 38C is the forecast for München. 101 is the forecast for Anthem.

Air conditioning is essentially non-existent in Germany.

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Monsoon interrupted 

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Jul 052015

A wet May and June have been followed by an early and fairly wet start to the monsoonal thunderstorm activity. But the computer models are showing a change to the pattern over the next week or so. A tropical storm may form off the coast of Central America and slowly move to the northwest. This will bring westerly winds and reduced moisture for Northern Arizona. 

The drying trend seems to be in each computer model, but the tropical system doesn’t always show up. Still plenty of variability.

Meanwhile, in München, we have a very sunny and warm trend. The car thermometer said 35C yesterday on the way to a 4th of July party held by a couple from Scotland. 35C is 95F. Very warm without AC.

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Strong start to Monsoon Season on the way

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Jun 252015

Recently, I noticed that the Wikipedia page on Monsoons wasn’t fond of referring to the North American Monsoon in the southwestern U.S. as a true monsoon.

Whether it is true or not, it looks like Flagstaff and most of Arizona will get a nice wet start to the season over the next week or so. Below is the 10-day precipitation outlook.

Ten day precipitation outlook from the GFS Model at the  Climate Prediction Center.

Ten day precipitation outlook from the GFS Model at the Climate Prediction Center.

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Model predicts typical start to Monsoon Season

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Jun 212015

I think I mentioned several times last summer NOAA’s GFS model predictions of the monsoon season impressed me.They seemed remarkable accurate. I say seemed, because I don’t think I ever did or saw any statistical analysis to prove it. We will see how they do this year.

For now, the model has the season walking slowly up to the season. If you remember last summer it started in earnest. This year, I think we will start to some thunderstorm action at the end of this week, but probably not the real start until closer to the 4th of July. This is normal.

The current El Nino conditions and the warm blob off the coast of California continue to cause me some concern. The image below is the most recent global sea surface anomaly picture from NOAA. There is plenty of warm water to generate the moisture needed for a strong monsoon season. I still worry that jet stream winds might not cooperate One of the reasons there are few strong Atlantic hurricanes in El Nino conditions is due to the high level winds that shear the tops of the clouds off as storms develop in the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Could these winds impede our monsoon season?

I don’t know. Also, I don’t think there is any clear data on any effect from El Ninos on monsoon precipitation. We will have to wait and see. For now, enjoy summer. The warm temperatures may not last long.

Global sea surfce temperature anomaly, June 18, 2015. (NOAA)

Global sea surfce temperature anomaly, June 18, 2015. (NOAA)

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Closer to normal June weather on the way

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Jun 142015

Through Sunday morning, we have received 1.14 inches of rainfall in June. This is a whopping inch over normal. While that is large rainfall for June, 1955 and 1956 are still well in the lead at 2.92 and 2.79. This is for the record since 1950. We could still beat these amounts depending on how the end of the month goes.

The next week or so isn’t going to help. Get ready for typical June weather. Sunny, warm days dominate the model outlook for the next week to 10 days. In Weather Underground’s outlook does not predict the dew point to drop much below 20. or fire conditions.

After 10 days, it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen. It looks like the annual moisture surge from the south will begin. There is plenty of warm water for drawing moisture. The Western Pacific Blob is remaining in place off the California Coast. El Nino conditions continue to strength around the Equator. If we can obtain and maintain the monsoon pattern we could have a wet season.

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Is the drought over?

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Jun 072015

It’s been cold and wet for the last couple months in Flagstaff. It has me wondering, when do we know if a drought is over. I bet after another spring weekend with about an inch of rain, it seems like a silly thought. For me, it was a weekend of thunderstorms here in Munich. Seemed like summer in the Mountains.

Nonetheless, I decided to do some work from Germany on the longer term precipitation data for Flagstaff. AT first I looked at 3, 9 and 13 month rolling averages of monthly precipitation. The 3-month look still had a large amount of variability. The 9 and 13 month look were calmer and almost identical, but with the peaks a little more muted on the 13 month graph. I used NWS data from 1950 until May 2015.

Nine and 13 month rolling averages of monthly precipiation.

Nine and 13 month rolling averages of monthly precipitation.

I think this tells an interesting tale. The overall average monthly precipitation was 1.75 inches. If you notice, the average from January 1994 until December 2009 is about 1.5 inches. Those are the only time periods where I calculated the averages. But, the average for the time from the mid-early 1970s until December 1993 is probably closer to 2 inches per month. More recently, the rolling averages have move a bit higher.

Another way to look at the drought situation is total precipitation. Below is a chart of the total precipitation in the last 12 months. Of course it looks very similar to the above chart. But, I think the numbers are a bit more meaningful.

Preceding 12 month precipitation total for Flagstaff.

Preceding 12 month precipitation total for Flagstaff.

This picture looks a bit different. This maybe just be due to less noise in the picture. I see a trend from the winter and spring of 1994 in an upward direction. We have been above the 1.75 inch per month threshold for most of the last few years. Given the large amount of extra heat in the equatorial and eastern Pacific Ocean areas, The rest of this summer should help this trend. We could be emerging from drought.

One more point to consider. Look at the variability in the 12 month total precipitation graph. Totals above 35 inches and below 10 inches should both be expected on a fairly regular basis.

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Apr 272015

These are important questions, that I will try to deal with here. First, a note about the weather. Wow, that was a wet and cold weekend. We aren’t out of the woods, yet. (Huh, a double entendre and I didn’t even try.) There are very important topics for Northern Arizona’s weather, but things have been distracting me. Let’s get started with leaving the woods.

So, we are leaving the woods. My wife and I are moving to Germany. It’s not permanent, just a few years. We will be living in downtown Munich in an area called Glockenbachviertel. We are moving from our house in the woods to an apartment that would fit in part of our top floor. I leave on Saturday to acquire the keys to the apartment and start the move-in process. Quite a change. There’s deeper details that I would be happy to share if your are terribly interested. More or less, a shift in my career and an incredible opportunity.

That’s going to change the blog. I’m not sure how. But, occasionally, you might see a post about weather in Europe along side major events and issues for Northern Arizona weather. I am very curious about German weather. One thing I already learned, that is probably obvious to everyone else, is that because Munich is farther north, the days get longer at the first day of spring. Pretty obvious, but we usually just relate it with summer.

Ah, but what about Northern Arizona. Well, it looks like an El Nino is happening/on-the-way. But not quite. The winds and pressure continue to not be supportive. The major factor is the “Warm Blob.” I think I have mentioned the warming of the California coastal waters. It has now been titled the Warm Blob and it is persistent. And, it is a major factor for our weather. I want to go deeper on it, but for now, please see this post by my friend Bob Tisdale: North Pacific Update: The Blob’s Strengthening Suggests It’s Not Ready to Depart. There is also a good link in that post to a USA Today article. Basically, the warm blob is driving the California drought. Also, it is very interesting to note that the people studying the Blob say it has not relationship to Climate Change or Global Warming.

Back to the woods…I’m not sure what this means for this summer’s monsoon season. I am very concerned that it could alter the normal airflow patterns. we will have to wait and see.

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That was a wet one

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Mar 032015

Clearing and warming are on the horizon for Northern Arizona. The next two mornings will be in the teens, but we will be back to the 50s for highs by the weekend. A few showers may linger around the area today. Currently, there are no storms in the forecasts for the next week.

The storm totals are here. This was a whopper storm for the region. The Flagstaff Airport received over 4 inches of water. Yesterday was a record at 1.71 inches.

 700 PM MST MON MAR 2 2015
 ***************STORM TOTAL LIQUID EQUIVALENT****************
 LOCATION          STORM TOTAL     TIME/DATE   COMMENTS                   
                      RAINFALL           OF 
                      /INCHES/   MEASUREMENT
    WINDOW ROCK           0.82   622 PM  3/02                           
    FLAGSTAFF AIRPORT     4.09   600 PM  3/02                           
    KACHINA VILLAGE       3.49   645 PM  3/02                           
    HAPPY JACK            3.14   630 PM  3/02                           
    BLUE RIDGE            2.74   630 PM  3/02                           
    MORMON LAKE           2.32   625 PM  3/02                           
    GUNSIGHT (RAWS)       1.89   609 PM  3/02                           
    FRAZIERS WELL         1.66   611 PM  3/02                           
    TUSAYAN               1.53   610 PM  3/02                           
    GRAND CANYON AIRPORT  1.45   600 PM  3/02                           
    PARIA POINT (RAWS)    1.41   607 PM  3/02     
    PAGE AIRPORT          1.22   608 PM  3/02                           
    WUPATKI RAWS          1.11   625 PM  3/02
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Very wet start to March to continue today

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Mar 022015

We received almost 2 inches of water yesterday. I’m surprised this wasn’t a record. It would have been a record on the day before or after. I think another inch could arrive today. I don’t think we will add much to the snowfall totals in Flagstaff. But if the temperatures are low enough, we could.

The winter storm warning is in effect. Radar shows a slow northward churning cold from to the west. It should arrive later this morning with plenty of water.



                VALUE   (LST)  VALUE       VALUE  FROM      YEAR
  MAXIMUM         40   1137 PM  67    2009  47     -7       43
  MINIMUM         32   1041 AM -10    1997  21     11       32
  AVERAGE         36                        34      2

  YESTERDAY        1.98          2.81 1970   0.08   1.90     1.09
  MONTH TO DATE    1.98                      0.08   1.90     1.09
  SINCE SEP 1     14.12                     11.96   2.16     8.80
  SINCE JAN 1      6.29                      4.29   2.00     1.69

  YESTERDAY        8.0          26.0  1970   0.7             0.7
  MONTH TO DATE    8.0                       0.7             0.7
  SINCE JUL 1     46.9                      73.9            34.2
  SNOW DEPTH       4
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