Apr 272015

These are important questions, that I will try to deal with here. First, a note about the weather. Wow, that was a wet and cold weekend. We aren’t out of the woods, yet. (Huh, a double entendre and I didn’t even try.) There are very important topics for Northern Arizona’s weather, but things have been distracting me. Let’s get started with leaving the woods.

So, we are leaving the woods. My wife and I are moving to Germany. It’s not permanent, just a few years. We will be living in downtown Munich in an area called Glockenbachviertel. We are moving from our house in the woods to an apartment that would fit in part of our top floor. I leave on Saturday to acquire the keys to the apartment and start the move-in process. Quite a change. There’s deeper details that I would be happy to share if your are terribly interested. More or less, a shift in my career and an incredible opportunity.

That’s going to change the blog. I’m not sure how. But, occasionally, you might see a post about weather in Europe along side major events and issues for Northern Arizona weather. I am very curious about German weather. One thing I already learned, that is probably obvious to everyone else, is that because Munich is farther north, the days get longer at the first day of spring. Pretty obvious, but we usually just relate it with summer.

Ah, but what about Northern Arizona. Well, it looks like an El Nino is happening/on-the-way. But not quite. The winds and pressure continue to not be supportive. The major factor is the “Warm Blob.” I think I have mentioned the warming of the California coastal waters. It has now been titled the Warm Blob and it is persistent. And, it is a major factor for our weather. I want to go deeper on it, but for now, please see this post by my friend Bob Tisdale: North Pacific Update: The Blob’s Strengthening Suggests It’s Not Ready to Depart. There is also a good link in that post to a USA Today article. Basically, the warm blob is driving the California drought. Also, it is very interesting to note that the people studying the Blob say it has not relationship to Climate Change or Global Warming.

Back to the woods…I’m not sure what this means for this summer’s monsoon season. I am very concerned that it could alter the normal airflow patterns. we will have to wait and see.

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That was a wet one

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Mar 032015

Clearing and warming are on the horizon for Northern Arizona. The next two mornings will be in the teens, but we will be back to the 50s for highs by the weekend. A few showers may linger around the area today. Currently, there are no storms in the forecasts for the next week. The storm […]

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Very wet start to March to continue today

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Mar 022015

We received almost 2 inches of water yesterday. I’m surprised this wasn’t a record. It would have been a record on the day before or after. I think another inch could arrive today. I don’t think we will add much to the snowfall totals in Flagstaff. But if the temperatures are low enough, we could. […]

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Splash down!

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Mar 012015

What a heavy wet mess, again. That’s twice in a week that a slush storm has wandered through Northern Arizona. More, a lot more, is on the way for Monday. See the Winter Storm Advisory from the National Weather Service in Flagstaff below. I’m not sure about the temperature drop they are predicting. We may […]

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Okay, this looks real!

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Feb 262015

Snow flurries are starting to fall this afternoon. They are a harbinger of a huge amount of water on the way. The current outlook is for rain tomorrow (Friday). Then snow through at least next Wednesday. Make your preparations now! Travel may be very difficult for the next week in the Northland. The outlook below […]

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I guess I missed this one…but maybe not

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Feb 232015

I kept thinking this storm, and the one in the forecast for later in the week, would be have a similar story to the other ones this year. Their either wouldn’t materialize, or pass us by to the north. Even yesterday as things were getting started, a bypass to the north seemed reasonable. I thought […]

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Wet, but probably warm, end to February

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Feb 102015

It looks like another round of wet weather may head to Arizona for the last two weeks of the month. Funny thing, the GFS and NoGaps models had a pair of sizable storms hitting. As soon as the Climate Prediction Center published the image below, the models started to weaken the strength of the storms. […]

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The Personal Weather Station, (Part 2 of Why Did I Start This Blog)

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Feb 082015

(UPDATE at bottom) Ever wondered how much rain fell at your house during monsoon season? In Arizona its a regular concern. Do I need to water, or turn-off the sprinkler system? Monsoonal thunderstorms can flood a narrow tract of land, and completely leave everything else untouched. I would come home from work and my grass […]

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Why did I start this blog? (Part 1)

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Jan 212015

More and more, people ask me this question. The answer has several parts. While one event stands out, there are other contributing factors. Many of the reasons for starting this blog are personal. Let’s go back to the spring of 1999. Saturday, March 27, 1999 was a beautiful day. Sunny, light winds and warm temperatures […]

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Looks like everyone gets a slice of being off

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Dec 312014

If you look back to my post from yesterday, it did not include waking up to over an inch of snow. So, the storm got a bit of an earlier start. The middle of the day will probably bring us heavy snow. It’s too early to tell how long it will last. The earlier start […]

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